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Paradok Fringe 2022

Theatre Paradok, Edinburgh’s premiere experimental theatre society presented our newest innovation, Paradok Platform at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We created the opportunity for student theatre to catch-up after the last few years of darkness! More than ten brand new experimental pieces of theatre, ranging from comedy and drama to musicals and movement – view the full lineup below! With Paradok Platform, we aim to create an exciting, accessible and experimental platform for everyone at the Fringe.

 All Paradok Platform shows operated using the Pay What You Can model. You can buy tickets for 3, 5, or 8 pounds to guarantee entry, or turn up at the venue for free, with the option of donating at the end of the show. All Platform shows took place at La Belle Angele, 11 Hastie’s Close, Edinburgh.
Note: Floodgate and Water Fruit Loops are not part of platform, and have their own venues and fixed ticket prices. Press ‘View Details” for more information on these shows.
Also check out an overview of all Edinburgh University Student Theatre shows over at!
Missed one of the Platform shows? They are all available for streaming on SceneSaver within 24 hours of their last performance! Watch all shows here.  

Floodgate - 22 to 27 August (20:00)
(Political, Drama) (theSpace @ Niddry St)

It is 2081. A coastal town is quiet, deserted by those seeking higher ground. As three siblings clear out their grandma’s belongings, they find a diary left behind for future generations. The siblings uncover love letters and family secrets set in a world of climate chaos, with revelations that will change everything. As the floodgates open and tensions rise, will this family sink or swim? See as this family's secrets unravel, page by page, and YOU, the audience will be involved, in more ways than one… Cast a glance to the future to deal with the most pressing issue of our present. Come and take a glimpse with us!

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Water Fruit Loops

Water Fruit Loops - 22 to 27 August (11:00)
(Comedy, LGBT) (theSpace @ Niddry St)

You know that friend that just won’t stop sleeping with their ex? Theatre Paradok presents a new piece all about that ex. Witty, honest and filled with self-destructive shenanigans, Water Fruit Loops follows Richard, a student who has found himself stuck in a time loop after hooking up with his ex. Rather than utilise the period for self-reflection, Richard jumps at the opportunity to keep hooking up with his ex. Until one day, he realises there’s an audience watching him, and that can mean only one thing. He has to go through a f*cking character arc.

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Blueballs - 4 August and 5 August (Adaptation, Verse) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

A bedroom. Two young adults. Just married. They don't know each other and - ceremony and piss-up over - are alone for the first time. He, a hedonistic rich boy; charismatic, self-destructive, on his 4th arranged wedding in so many years. She, reserved, quick-witted and sharp; on her guard. As their encounter unfolds, an intriguing chemistry between them turns dark as terrible truths begin to emerge. A version of the famous tale Bluebeard for our generation, Blueballs is a thrilling investigation of power, consent, and what it means to be young. A 30-minute tequila-shot of theatre in free verse.

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Delayed - 6 August, 7 August and 8 August (Drama, Psychological) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

Mhairi has never left her Highland town, haunted by memories of the death of her friend as a teenager. Tom has just arrived back, after running from his community in favour of city life. When they meet unexpectedly at the one bus stop in the town, they slowly uncover the truth about their shared histories, and face their own conflicts with identity and change. In a multi-sensory experience, Delayed takes you on an introspective journey of loss, grief, and a whirlwind tale in the ubiquitous drizzle of the north of Scotland.

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Lost and Found - 9 August, 10 August, and 11 August (Comedy, Irreverent) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

The play sees Maeve, a young Scottish student studying at Edinburgh University, taking her two best friends and English flatmates, Dylan and Abby, home for a big night out in Glasgow. As Maeve’s university and home lives collide, and after one too many fannybaw shots, everything starts to go a bit tits up. Drinks are swilled, slobbery snogs exchanged, friendships tested and phones lost. With no phone, dignity or memory left, Maeve wakes up to realise she has well and truly fucked it.

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Brown Nose - 12 August and 13 August (Verbatim, Drama) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

Brown Nose is a verbatim piece of theatre which explores the stories of Anita Hill and Christine Blasey-Ford through a series of testimonies and conversations. This piece tackles themes of sexual violence, racial inequality and sexism through a lens of empowerment. Led by the interviewer the play follows the unique experiences of four different women across five decades. Anita Hill, Christine Blasey-Ford, Kim Taylor-Tompson and Yvonne Ruiz. Four women from completely different times, places and walks of life discussing their experiences.

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natta - 14 August and 16 August (Physical, Poetry) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

Twelve hours become one as natta tracks an evening of teenage larks into the sobering morning light. One night under the radar and the six friends descend into the perfect drug-fuelled storm. Conversations deepen and lucidity wavers as the drugs and alcohol kick in. The friends share confessions, dreams and untold secrets, toeing the line between darkness and comedy. natta is a raw and painful articulation a quest for thrill and understanding; showing how a longing for human connection can be our making as well as our undoing.

Tw: Strong language. Discussion of mental ill health, eating disorders, suicide, sexual activity, sexual assault. Depiction of substance abuse and light petting.

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MAƆBETH - 17 August, 18 August, and 19 August (Adaptation, Shakespeare) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

In this two woman reimagining, when Macbeth is led to believe he is destined to become King, his power-hungry partner, Lady Macbeth convinces him to murder. But ambition soon becomes riddled with paranoia and delusion when the dead return to haunt them. Fair becomes foul when the walking shadows of their past breed guilt and hostility within his once trusted accomplice and the witches embody a familiar form.

Infused with drama, music, spectres, and the supernatural, featuring original music by Lucy Melrose, the play follows the twisted road into the mind of Macbeth; a tale told by two players, in their one hour on the stage.

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Looking For Fun? - 20 August, 21 August, and 22 August (One-man, comedy-drama) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

‘Looking for fun?’ A question incessantly sent and received online. An escape from commitment, from love, from intimacy. We are all looking for fun, but so few of us find it.

This heart-warming and heart-breaking one-man comedy-drama is written and performed by Conor Ó’Cuinn, in his Edinburgh Fringe writing debut, with direction by Tazy Harrison-Moore. Navigating growing up gay in a straight world, this play explores overcoming gay shame, searching for authenticity and dealing with the agony of online gay ‘dating’.

Content warning:This performance contains themes of sexual assault and rape and has light reference to recreational drug use. Please feel free to speak to a member of staff if you would like any further information

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The Chronicles of Salisbury Square - 23 August and 24 August (Comedy, Irreverent) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

‘The Chronicles of Salisbury Square’ is a short comedy by Becky Maxwell that revolves around the lives of four unique neighbours, Katharine, Christopher, Tina and Conor, who live in an apartment building in South London. Katharine, who has recently inherited her Grandma’s flat after she passed away, arrives at the building to find a piano has fallen and killed Tina’s cat. From this point onwards, chaos ensues and Katharine finds herself in the middle of nonsensical squabbles and struggling to understand why her Grandma left her this flat in the first place.

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Hamlet: The Play The Panto The Musical - 25 August, 26 August, 27 August, and 28 August (Parody, Musical) (Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele)

Boy meets Girl, Boy meets Dead Dad Ghost, Boy plans Dead Dad Ghost revenge on Step-Father... it's the story we all know and love! In this one-hour musical romp, we are guided through the story of Hamlet by our narrator Horatio, where we meet Dame Claudius, the annoyed Ophelia, and a carousel of characters, ghosts, and even some confused stragglers from some of Shakespeare's other works... Join us for an unashamedly ridiculous retelling, complete with original songs performed by a talented troupe of actors. Written by emerging playwright Hannah McGregor.

*Content Warning: Contains Strong Language*

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