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Aug 20 - 22 2022


17:00 - 18:00

Looking For Fun?

Theatre Paradok presents: “Looking For Fun?” .

‘Looking for fun?’
A question incessantly sent and received online.
An escape from commitment, from love, from intimacy.
We are all looking for fun, but so few of us find it.

This heart-warming and heart-breaking one-man comedy-drama is written and performed by Conor Ó’Cuinn, in his Edinburgh Fringe writing debut, with direction by Tazy Harrison-Moore. Navigating growing up gay in a straight world, this play explores overcoming gay shame, searching for authenticity and dealing with the agony of online gay ‘dating’.

Content warning:This performance contains themes of sexual assault and rape and has light reference to recreational drug use. Please feel free to speak to a member of staff if you would like any further information


20th August 2022
21st August 2022
22nd August 2022
Tickets are listed on the Edinburgh Fringe website under ‘Paradok Platform’ rather than ‘Looking for Fun’. Click Here to view all Paradok Platform shows.


Looking4fun – Conor Ó’Cuinn
Voice of the 1st Nurse – Fiona Forster
Voice of the 2nd Nurse – Clare Nolan


Director – Tazy Harrison-Moore
Sound Designer – Nico Larivosecchi
Lighting Designer – Freya Game
Tech Manager- Naqib Fakhrul
Costume Designer – Ruby Loftus
Set Designer – Lilli Steffens
Promotional Photography Faye Hilyer-Ziegler
Producers/Marketing – Conor Ó’Cuinn and Tazy Harrison-Moore