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Aug 17 - 19 2022


17:00 - 18:00


Theatre Paradok presents: “Macbeth”.

In this two woman reimagining, when Macbeth is led to believe he is destined to become King, his power-hungry partner, Lady Macbeth convinces him to murder. But ambition soon becomes riddled with paranoia and delusion when the dead return to haunt them. Fair becomes foul when the walking shadows of their past breed guilt and hostility within his once trusted accomplice and the witches embody a familiar form.

Infused with drama, music, spectres, and the supernatural, the play follows the twisted road into the mind of Macbeth; a tale told by two players, in their one hour on the stage. Get your tickets by clicking on the date of your choice.


17th August 2022
18th August 2022
19th August 2022
Tickets are listed on the Edinburgh Fringe website under ‘Paradok Platform’ rather than ‘Macbeth’. Click Here to view all Paradok Platform shows.


Macbeth – Josie Embleton
Lady Macbeth – Poppy Goad


Director – Josie Embleton
Director – Poppy Goad
Stage Manager – Julia Rahn
Lighting Designer – Alexander Moran
Lighting Assistant – Freya Game
Sound Designer – Naqib Fakhrul