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Aug 14 - 16 2022


17:00 - 18:00


Theatre Paradok presents: “natta” written by Edie Gillett.

Twelve hours become one as natta tracks an evening of teenage larks into the sobering morning light. One night under the radar and the six friends descend into the perfect drug-fuelled storm. Conversations deepen and lucidity wavers as the drugs and alcohol kick in. The friends share confessions, dreams and untold secrets, toeing the line between darkness and comedy.

natta is a raw and painful articulation a quest for thrill and understanding; showing how a longing for human connection can be our making as well as our undoing.

Content Warnings: Strong language. Discussion of mental ill health, eating disorders, suicide, sexual activity, sexual assault. Depiction of substance abuse and light petting. 


14th August 2022
16th August 2022
Tickets are listed on the Edinburgh Fringe website under ‘Paradok Platform’ rather than ‘natta’. Click Here to view all Paradok Platform shows.


Theo – Marina Funcasta
Ezra – Eloise McNulty
Valerie – Rorke Wilson
Jude – Rebeca Barbosa 
Sam – Jess Ferrier 
Ross – Hugo Shack 


Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Choreographer – Edie Gillett
Assistant Director, Co-Producer – Meg Reynolds
Assistant Choreographer – Edith Alderton
Stage Manager – Ruth Perera
Co-Graphic Designer – Hardy Nyirenda
Co-Graphic Designer – Kate Markwell