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Aug 09 - 11 2022


17:00 - 18:00

Lost and Found

Theatre Paradok presents: “Lost and Found” written by Molly Keating.

The play sees Maeve, a young Scottish student studying at Edinburgh University, taking her two best friends and English flatmates, Dylan and Abby, home for a big night out in Glasgow. As Maeve’s university and home lives collide, and after one too many fannybaw shots, everything starts to go a bit tits up. Drinks are swilled, slobbery snogs exchanged, friendships tested and phones lost. With no phone, dignity or memory left, Maeve wakes up to realise she has well and truly fucked it.


9th August 2022
10th August 2022
11th August 2022
Tickets are listed on the Edinburgh Fringe website under ‘Lost and Found’ rather than ‘The Chronicles of Salisbury Square’. Click Here to view all Paradok Platform shows.


Maeve – Megan Gall
Dylan – Molly Keating
Abby – Mia Haden
Hayley – Annie Ferguson
Lara – Amy Gospel
Man* – Conor Mullen
*This may include: man on the train, man in the club, man in the apple shop, man in the pakora bar, man in the alleyway, man in the porn shop and policeman


Writer/Co-Producer/Assistant Director: Molly Keating
Co-Producer – El Wheeler
Director – Olivia McGeachy
Lighting – Naqib Fakhrul and Megan Dunlop
Sound – Martha Barrow and Cherry Gallacher