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The Creative World Despite Coronavirus

Theatre Paradok goes digital_

[2020x fyre festival?]

Today we had a very depressing committee meeting on a Facebook video chat, trying to salvage the last of our creative outlets from the past 8 weeks of hard work. We have cancelled two shows, an open mic night and a life drawing evening. Think about how much creativity we have snubbed! As a committee determined to do good, we have put our hivemind together and are coming up with something else creative instead.

You will be hearing from a few of us over the next few weeks- from drawings and paintings to opinion pieces and rants- get creative with us! Don’t let the big C get you down! If you would actually like to join, please shoot us a message with anything that we can post. We want to use our platform well! Script sections, illustrations, poetry or even selfies. We want to see and showcase it all! Send anything to our facebook or our email.

Look after your physical and mental health, distribute toilet roll wealth, donate what you can to NGO’s protecting people at risk at this awful time, including those with unsafe homes, and those without homes at all.

For now, here is some of the amazing artwork that has come from this term’s shows that won’t make it to stage *for now*

We hope you all manage to channel some Shakespeare writing King Lear in quarantine energy.  xxxx

Art by Mizra Kara
Art by Heather Charters
Art by AP Ganguly