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Aug 07 - 08 2023


14:40 - 15:40

This Play Has an Iguana For a Protagonist

Theatre Paradok presents: “This Play Has An Iguana For A Protagonist” by Liz Dooley.

Mari is just your average twenty-something year old girl with an iguana named Arthur for a pet. And she’s on her period. Sensing that something is off, Arthur questions her boyfriend, Jeff. Being unable to utter the word ‘period’, let alone explain what that is to an iguana, Jeff blurts that she is ‘bleeding out’. What ensues from this misunderstanding are Arthur’s continuous attempts to relieve Mari from her pain in some… unconventional ways.

Content Warnings: Stylised depictions of violence and discussions of euthanasia

Buy tickets here for 7 August and 8 August. Peformances take place at Just The Tonic at The Caves, Just Up The Road, at 2:40 pm.


Arthur – Zac Askham

Mari – Sasha Stone

Jeff – Khaled Bushnaq


Director – Liz Dokukina

Producer – Abby Brooks

Tech Manager – Sean Jarvie

Stage Manager – Charly Grant