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Aug 05 - 09 2024


19:30 - 20:30

The Dink Rodgers Show

Theatre Paradok presents: “The Dink Rodgers Show” by Tai Remus Elliot and Anna Yarwood

Dink Rodgers has won two Emmys, three Grammys and 84 Oscars. That’s right, he’s an actor with an EGO! Join us for an unforgettable evening traversing the length and breadth of his illustrious career. Featuring interviews, sketches, songs and more! It’s a sketch show framed as a retrospective look at the career of Dink Rodgers, one of the world’s most celebrated artistes. A man who thinks humility is when there’s a lot of moisture in the air, he’s ruffled a few feathers. Now it looks like his chickens are coming home to roost…

Content Warnings: Strong Language

Buy tickets here for 5 to 9 August. Peformances take place at Just The Tonic at The Caves, Just The Fancy Room, at 7:30pm

Dink Rodgers – Ava Vaccari
Flouflou Rodgers – Hugo Edgoose
Felicity Tinkles – Tai Remus Elliot
Presenter – Anna Yarwood

Co-Director and Co-Producer – Tai Remus Elliot
Co-Director and Co-Producer – Anna Yarwood
Stage Manager – Sarah Moreman
Marketing Manager – Ahmed Nabi Nur
Fighting Coordinator – Františka Vosátková