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Aug 23 - 24 2022


17:00 - 18:00

The Chronicles of Salisbury Square

Theatre Paradok presents: ‘The Chronicles of Salisbury Square’ written by Becky Maxwell.

This is a short comedy that revolves around the lives of four unique neighbours, Katharine, Christopher, Tina and Conor, who live in an apartment building in South London. Katharine, who has recently inherited her Grandma’s flat after she passed away, arrives at the building to find a piano has fallen and killed Tina’s cat. From this point onwards, chaos ensues and Katharine finds herself in the middle of nonsensical squabbles and struggling to understand why her Grandma left her this flat in the first place.


23rd August 2022
24th August 2022
Tickets are listed on the Edinburgh Fringe website under ‘Paradok Platform’ rather than ‘The Chronicles of Salisbury Square’. Click Here to view all Paradok Platform shows.


Katharine – Katie Rogers
Tina – Arielle Firestone
Christopher – Ronan MacColla
Conor- Kyle Martin


Writer – Becky Maxwell
Producer and Director – Ottilie Rose Hill
Co-Director – Jacob Watson
Stage Manager – Martha Barrow
Lighting Designer – Naqib Fakhrul
Sound Designer – Nico Rivosecchi