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Aug 19 - 21 2023


14:40 - 15:40


Theatre Paradok presents “Pilgrimage”, by Cameron Dalgleish.

“Pilgrimage” follows the story of a disillusioned boy, Palmer, who runs from his blasphemous crimes into the ominous forest, where he is viciously blinded by an unknown attacker. He is pursued by the Gods-fearing warden of his village, Bridget. Grappling with their faith and survival, Bridget and Palmer desperately try to escape the woods, each other and the cunning beast that watches over them. “Pilgrimage” is heavily inspired by Scottish folk tales, traditional music, and explores religion, questioning how far one would go for their faith and what we can blindly worship.

Content Warnings: Depiction of gore and scenes of a disturbing nature

Buy tickets here for 19 August, 20 August and 21 August. Peformances take place at Just The Tonic at The Caves, Just Up The Road, at 2:40 pm.


Bridget – Rona Johnston

Palmer – Ewan Robertson

Beast – Cameron Dalgleish

Flora (Musician) – Hester Irving.


Director – Katie Slater

Producer – Aisling Anderson

Writer – Cameron Dalgleish

Stage Manager/Designer – Phoebe Wiseman

Technical Manager/Designer – Lauren Thom

Production Assistant – Maria-Magdalena Arnaudova