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Aug 09 - 10 2023


14:40 - 15:40

Operating Theatre

Theatre Paradok presents ‘Operating Theatre’ by Elliana Craig.

The nightshift is dragging on at a nondescript hospital. Carine wants a doctor to tell her what’s wrong with her. Lottie wants Talia to start speaking to their mother again. Em wants to quit nursing and Marina wants a nose job. Or maybe she doesn’t. Kate and Tash mostly just want boyfriends. As the hours tick, the women in the hospital find their lives intermeshing, caught in a spiderweb of crossed wires and ludicrous coincidences. ‘Operating Theatre’ takes one look at the question of womanhood and rolls its eyes.

Content Warnings: Swearing, mentions of death, mentions of suicide, blood.

Buy tickets here for 9 August and 10 August. Peformances take place at Just The Tonic at The Caves, Just Up The Road, at 2:40 pm.


Dream Girl/Old Woman: Amrit

Gill Kate: Florence Carr-Jones

Surgeon: Gemima Iseka-Bekano

Marina: Isabella Lapadula

Carine: Jeanne Révérend

Tash: Josephine Morely

Talia: Noa Yaron

Em: Triin Sulengo

Lottie: Verity Mann


Director: Elliana Craig

Producer: Sophie Kellock