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Mar 27 - 30 2022


19:00 - 22:00


Click here for Ondine at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022.

Theatre Paradok presents: “Ondine” by French playwright Jean Giraudoux, translated by Philomène Cheynet.

Impulsive, frank and filled with wonder, Ondine is a young water nymph drawn to the human world. One stormy night by the lake, she meets Hans, a knight-errant travelling through the nearby forest, and she immediately and violently falls in love with him. To free herself of the water world, Ondine makes a secret pact with the spirit of the lake which ultimately brings about a tragic end. “Ondine” is just as poetic, thought provoking, and deeply touching as it is uniquely absurd! It’s full of extravagant characters, unhinged dialogues and random digressions. This play will shatter all expectations!

Running from the 27th to the 30th of March in Teviot Underground, Teviot Row House in Edinburgh.


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General: 9 pounds
Concessions/Students: 8 pounds
Members: 6 pounds


Ondine – Clare Robinson
Hans – Kristjan Gudjonsson
Eugenie – Sophie Craig
Auguste – Huw Turnbull
Bertha – Alice Humphries
Bertram – Lucas Sheridan-Warburton
King – Chris Pearson
Chamberlain – Ray Finlayson
Old One/The Illusionist – Adam Wu
Judge – Angus Morrison
Judge – Trudy Kalvynaite
Nymph – Isabella Caron
Nymph – Louise Balaguer


Director – Philomène Cheynet
Assistant Director – Agnes Perry Robinson
Movement Director – Seraphima Ogden
Producer – Mick Zijdel
Assistant Producer – Sam Stevens
Lighting Designer – Anastasia Metreveli
Assistant Lighting Designer – Emily Richards
Composer & Sound Designer – Nicola Rivosecchi
Sound Design Assistant – Parasol Wu
Co-Stage/Set Manager – Em Leites McPherson
Co-Stage/Set Manager – Emma Stier
Co-Stage/Set Manager – Leon Niven
Costume Designer – Tatum Kemsley
Costume Designer – Trần Tâm Nhi
Graphic Designer – Nell DiPasquantonio
Photographer – Jemima Sunley (@jemoncamera)