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Sep 17 2021


UK Time
19:00 - 19:50

Catching Up – Fringe Show Screening for Welcome Week

“Catching Up”, Theatre Paradok’s show for 2021’s Edinburgh Fringe, is a dark comedy that portrays all the nuances of trying to maintain a childhood friendship you’ve grown out of. It centers on two friends, Sean and Lemon, on a writing retreat as they attempt to build the futures they’ve always dreamed of – being Hollywood stars. But when creative differences lead them to turn to their past for inspiration, Lemon realises her best friend may not be everything she remembers him to be, and instead of writing their futures the pair finds themselves being haunted by the events of their childhood.

This performance will be livestreamed online on Friday 17 September at 7 pm. View the livestream on YouTube. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or through our Facebook page.

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Adult Sean – Leonardo Shaw

Adult Lemon – Lizzie Martin

Lily – Florence Carr-Jones

Young Sean – Tom Hindle

Young Lemon – Freya Wilson


Director – Bella Forshaw

Movement Director – Isla Jamieson-Mackenzie

Producer – Liz Dokukina

Executive Producer – Lewis Forman

Stage Manager – Lois Zonnenberg

Tech Manager (sound) – Mick Zijdel

Tech Assistant  (lights) – Laura Brady

Costume Manager – Caragh Veitch Philip

Artwork – Kate Granholm

Author – Leonardo Shaw

Editor – Chloe Hendry

Editor – Františka Vosátková