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Feb 13 2021


14:00 - 15:30

Mid-Semester 2 General Meeting

Join the meeting here:
Meeting ID: 886 5023 9981
Passcode: Paradok1

For the end of the semester, we are looking for all kinds of online shows and art performances. You can submit anything you want to make, no matter how big or how small.

The General Meeting where we will discuss and vote on proposals will be on Saturday 13 February from 14:00 to 15:00. We expect you to also briefly run through your proposal at the GM. You will have approximately 5 minutes to do so. If you cannot make the GM, but still want to propose, that is not a problem. Please contact us in advance so we can arrange an alternative. This will likely involve recording a video.

Submit your proposal here.

We have written a checklist with everything you need to do to put on a show. There is a specific section for things to do before proposing your show. Don’t worry if it looks overwhelming, you have a long time to do all of it,. Do keep in mind that putting on a show will be a big, but worthwhile, project. You can find the checklist here.

We are also writing a document with more details on how proposals work for online shows, which you can find here.

Please buy membership before submitting your proposal. You cannot vote and discuss at the GM without being a member. You can do so here. We will check this before admitting you onto the meeting for the GM. Message us if you have any issues buying membership.